St Josemaria on Humility

St. Josemaria Escriva was a Spanish saint who founded Opus Dei, "Work of God" in order to live with the Lord and spread the Gospel in the twentieth century, especially it seems in times of crises, as he had personally witnessed the bloodshed and martyrdom of the Spanish Civil War. He was a prolific yet simple writer. Here are his seventeen items of lacking humility to be aware of. And BOY it's hard. I am the oldest in my family, so it's particularly bad. Preaching the Truth isn't an argument, but boy, it's hard to work on God's time in a world driven by instantaneous results. Prayers, please??

  1. Thinking that what you do or say is better than what others do or say.
  2. Always wanting to get your own way. 
  3. Arguing when you are not right or — when you are — insisting stubbornly or with bad manners.
  4. Giving your opinion without being asked for it, when charity does not demand you to do so. [I believe he got this phrasing specifically from St. Jerome.]
  5. Despising the point of view of others. [I like listening to others. Really, I do. But I notice in the iPhone and Twitter age we can barely get out something that we have actually chewed over and formulated for ourselves, so that we repeat the same old talking points. St. Thomas Aquinas is an excellent model for dealing with your 'opponents.']
  6. Not being aware that all the gifts and qualities you have are on loan. 
  7. Not acknowledging that you are unworthy of all honour or esteem, even the ground you are treading on or the things you own. [Directed towards God, peeps.]
  8. Mentioning yourself as an example in conversation. [This is so hard, and I am not sure what he means by it. I will have to find the citation and thus the context.]
  9. Speaking badly about yourself, so that they may form a good opinion of you, or contradict you. [This is particularly in relation to our bodies, and although experience might suggest those of one sex do it more often, the point of this one is that doesn't matter, does it? We all do it at some point.]
  10. Making excuses when rebuked. [Established when Eve and Adam decided to lie to God in the Garden.]
  11. Hiding some humiliating faults from your director, so that he may not lose the good opinion he has of you.
  12. Hearing praise with satisfaction, or being glad that others have spoken well of you. [It is really hard though in school to-day when our professors openly or secretly despise us. At the least, we don't know what we are thinking to succeed, never mind pass the class. So, it is a reality that we need to hear praise openly.]
  13. Being hurt that others are held in greater esteem than you.
  14. Refusing to carry out menial tasks. [Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.]
  15. Seeking or wanting to be singled out.
  16. Letting drop words of self-praise in conversation, or words that might show your honesty, your wit or skill, your professional prestige…[Again, I have no idea what he means here, in the second part.]
  17. Being ashamed of not having certain possessions. [This one is not me, I think.]

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