Saturday, October 27, 2012

Awesome stuff happening

Our parish had the annual 'Saint's Alive' party for All Saints. I went as St Thomas Aquinas, because I thought I could out-do the CCD teacher who runs the event (and likes to tease me all the time, in good fun). Knowing that my mom did such a good job a few years ago with my sister when she went as St Therese of Lisieux, I asked her to make a full Dominican habit. It was pretty cool. A seminarian friend said on Facebook that "You could have been mistaken for the Angelic Doctor himself!" Every piece of the Dominican habit is there (and more info on that can be found HERE, at the blog of a Filipino Dominican)

So, Catholic Memes, a website at first, but mostly on Facebook these days (go like them!), posted on the doctrine of transubstantiation in honor of the upcoming election. It's awesome.

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