Friday, October 19, 2012

St Josemaria Escriva on Hope

“In the moment of temptation think of the Love that awaits you in heaven: foster the virtue of hope.” —St. Josemaria Escriva

St Josemaria is the founder of Opus Dei, which means 'Work of God.' It was founded in Spain, right around the time of the Civil War, and much of its spirituality and structure seems to have some connection to both being persecution by the Republicans and being used as a tool of Franco. It has done great work for Holy Mother Church; two great families I know, one here n KY and the other in the Tidewater area of VA, are at least cooperators with Opus Dei (I'm not exactly sure what one couple is, in terms of 'membership' but I do know that they work with them, with the recollection events). He died and was canonized by Bl John Paul II. Fun fact: Opus Dei is the only personal prelature in the Church, which is a type of organization in the 'new' Code of Canon Law. 

He's right. In those darkest hours, the Lord is always with us, and no temptation is too great for us to overcome. God's grace will always direct us towards Him, if we desire to cooperate with Him. Now, this gets tricky. I tend to accidentally fall into a mindset bordering semi-Pelagianism (gaw!! Heresy! Cue the Spanish Inquisition!) because of the way my prayer life is right now. I am trying to find good opportunities to perform the corporal works of mercy. Fr Erlenbush had a great post over at the New Theological Movement on this topic. Be a dear soul, and give Fr Erlenbush a boost in readership!

Oh, Pope Benedict wrote an encyclical on the virtue of hope, which, if you are confused by what I just said or linked, is connected to faith (both are theological virtues, the third being charity). 

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