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My name is Matthew, and I am a high school senior living in the Bluegrass State! I love learning, and I am first and foremost a Catholic, so the posts will be Catholic-oriented and occasionally  somewhat intellectual, but hopefully all in good fun. This blog will be part of my Year of Faith efforts; I am bringing everything over from Facebook, back-dating, and then expanding.

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October 11 was the start of the Year of Faith, and also featured the VP debate between Ryan and Biden. My thoughts on Biden's comments on the mandate from the Dept. of Health and Human Services to provide contraception at no cost to the woman, even under insurance provided through a religious employer:
Your Eminence, Cardinal Wuerl [his bishop while in DC], and Your Excellency, Bishop Malooly [his bishop while in Delaware]: ENFORCE CANON 915 NOW!!!!!!!!! 
Really-Catholic schools don't have to pay for contraception! Then why did FUS drop student insurance? 
Our Lady in her Immaculate Conception, pray for us!! Also, I never thought until now how appropriate her patronage is.

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