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Abortion and the HHS Mandate

Three of the four countries where abortion is legal for all 9 months; Russia is the other.

This post is a follow-up of sorts to my previous posts; it might take a while to see the connections so please be patient with me.

I found this in Fr. Euteneur's book. St. Alberto Hurtado of Chile often repeated these words:
It is proper for the noblest hearts to discover the most urgent need of their epoch and consecrate themselves to it.
 Now, one might look at the world and see many issues. There is poverty, war, and famine. There are crises in education and government. However, there is one problem that outweighs all others across the globe. Indeed, the allegiance of many in government and the populace towards it is why these other problems proliferate despite the best (well, maybe) policy efforts implemented by governments. This is abortion, the murder babies in the womb, and is the force driving every element of societal disarray. In many places, such as China and North Korea, it is an official tool of the government. In others like the United States, it is the darling issue to which ideological thugs rally to when they are trying to right a sinking ship.  'Roeing' and 'Borking' have been added to the American political lexicon for a reason.

In 2010, the Democratic-controlled US Congress ramrodded through a law that is better known as Obamacare. One provision of the law is particularly egregious. It requires all employer-based health insurance to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs, and carries only a narrow religious exemption for churches and ministries that directly employ and serve members of their affiliated church.
He's telling you, "I want you to stop attacking Holy Mother Church!

Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic wrote a post entitled Why Are Catholics Still Whining About the HHS Mandate? Read it; it's very well-written. This defense of the Church's liberty-and indeed, the expresion of Truth in the public square by individuals- is directly related to abortion. Contraception is the beginning of the slippery slope; first, children are inconvenient for a particular time period, and then they are seen as unneeded, burdensome, or otherwise completely unwanted, and perfectly a-OK to murder. Also, forcing religious groups and individuals who must obey their (well-formed, might I add) consciences is one of the most severe attacks on freedom in American history. It is also one step short of forcing Catholic institutions to provide, and Catholic employers to pay for abortions. The same ideological defenses come to play; notice the Democratic rhetoric featuring the Republican 'war on women' this summer. As much as I struggle with the Republicans, the Democrats were just completely off the mark! This is not yet a country where we can remove contraception from daily life, so all we ask is that we might be allowed to tolerate this grave evil without directly or remotely cooperating with it. When lies and falsehoods abound, it is a clear signal that this is the work of Satan.

Bloody Monday
The most vilified institution in America-outside of the federal government- is the Church. Louisvillians might recall that the Know-Nothings burned Catholic neighborhoods and tried to destroy St. Martin of Tours and the Cathedral of the Assumption in 1855. This was just one of the attacks on the Church throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, after several decades of toleration in the new nation; by the way, the Louisville Journal helped instigate the riots. So it's no surprise that this city's paper is still anti-Catholic

 Part of me feels that the Obama administration-perhaps at the bidding of the 'Catholics' such as Pelosi and Biden- egged on the Church, knowing that she and her loyal sons could not cave to this order.  The fact that most Americans do not recognize the need to be in visible communion with the Roman Catholic Church and the fact that the American Church has a struggle with its members to be faithful to Christ does not give the American government the right to implement an unjust law. As the bishops said, "We cannot- we will not- comply," and it's a terrible sight indeed when Fr. Frank Pavone's apostolate Priests for Life needs a court order for relief from the mandate. (It's also terrible that Catholic priests and religious need to point out that they are pro-life, and that their brother priests and religious have done grave damage by supporting abortion.)

Notice Bl Miguel Pro's arms are cruciform.
President Obama should also take heed that Catholics do one of two things when Holy Mother Church is threatened. They rebel, as the Mexicans did, or they die as martyrs like so many from so many places have done in the last two millennia. They do not do one thing, however. Caving on the teachings of Christ is never an option, and the red crown should not be sought like the newest iPod. But, if it is God's will, then blood will be shed as the seed of the Church. Earthly suffering will be gladly taken as well, in particular imitation of St. Maximilian Kolbe. He took both the red crown of martyrdom and the white crown when he was offered a choice by Our Lady. He suffered in his life and especially at Auschwitz. His arrest was due to his aid of Jews, but amplified because he was a priest, which just really drove the Nazis spinning (not a surprise, as Satan gets very flustered and angry around holy people).

St. Thomas Becket recognized the most urgent need of twelfth-century England was protecting the Church from the intrusion of the monarch. Ours is protecting innocent life from conception to natural death, and as a result, protecting the ability to exercise our consciences in recognition of Truth. Perhaps one day the Truth will govern governmental decision-making in its entirety, but for now, let us pray for the conversions of heart of all Americans so that society might be rightly restored in Christ. Instaurare omnia in Christo!

I wish that Becket was historically accurate-though the chant is awesome!- but the sentiments it expresses remain. Some people need to be placed under interdict, or even excommunication for their roles in the promotion of abortion and other intrinsically evil acts, and their role in the oppression of the Church.

The part about chant got me thinking, and it goes back to what I said yesterday on spiritual combat. As the good Father Zuhlsdorf is apt to say, "Save the liturgy, save the world."

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