Friday, December 28, 2012

Awesome Tee Shirts

My Christmas package from my nana came today; it got shipped to her house by mistake. The woes of technology, I suppose. Thanks Nana!

These pictures were taken with my spiffy new phone (thanks Mom and Dad!). Aren't they perfect for me? I think Damian Thompson- the Daily Telegraph columnist in the UK- would like them too, as they feature his Twitter handle.

Speaking of the phone: I could have done a mobile post, but I found that one needs to enter the Blogger app before taking the pictures. Next time! Oh, and I found them by searching for Catholic tee shirts on CafePress. It can be a bit of a headache trying to order the right style with the right design, but it's worth it. I thought the people making their own shirts had better taste than many of the Catholic companies out there...

This one is in clerical black. Please pardon the messy bed.

And a close-up:

The second tee shirt is in cardinal red (No, Louisvillians, not that cardinal red! Cardinal scarlet doesn't quite have the same ring.)

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