Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catholics Come Home!

Catholics Come Home  is an organization dedicated to bringing people into the Church as coverts and assisting those who were baptized, but are now wandering sheep. They have lots of videos on Youtube to reach out to people. Their most recent ad is really cool. It features Lou Holtz, who won a national championship at the University of Notre Dame; Holtz is deeply Catholic, and praised the Catholic environment of the university during his time there (so much so that I think this ad is for Notre Dame's president and board just as much as it is for normal people!). It's designed just for bowl season, which climaxes in the national title match between the University of Notre Dame and the University of Alabama. Notre Dame of course is Catholic, and has recently gone back to choosing solidly Catholic head coaches (currently Brian Kelly, and Charlie Weis before him). Nick Saban of Alabama is also Catholic, and has Mass said prior to every game; he also apparently tries to get to daily Mass. Good for him! If Brian Kelly ever left Notre Dame, you can bet that the school will look to Tuscaloosa for the next head coach, and he would come.
Basilica of the Sacred Heart, ND

The ad is very effective in my view. Our goal of heaven is mentioned, and following God's will is stressed. It mentions the sacraments and what a sacrament is- outward signs instituted by Jesus Christ to convey grace- as well as showing them. There is a man outside a confessional, and the priest is shown elevating the Sacred Host. The tone is appropriate too, considering its purpose. Also, the ad features those things that make us Catholic, and draw both 'reverts' and converts: the ritual of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The priest can be seen incensing the altar with a very beautiful thurible covered in clouds of smoke, and the missal looks plucked from a monastery not a printing house. The priest is shown during Mass with the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith. The chapel is lovely. It's nice that Catholics Come Home got ad space on ESPN, because it will reach a lot of people. I saw it today, and was awe-struck by it. I'm already a Catholic participating in the life of the Church. I hope it can have that effect on others.

Enough of my talk. Watch it. Swim the Tiber, and come aboard the unsinkable Barque of Peter.

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