Friday, December 28, 2012

The Feast of the Holy Innocents

Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents.

I bring you to a reflections on this day from Dr. Taylor Marshall. Put your theological thinking cap on.

My only reaction to Dr. Marshall's post is that I hope God is all-merciful in regards to the victims of the modern-day Holocaust that is abortion. I use that word in two senses. Yes, the first is to compare it to the one perpetuated by the Nazis, for the evil done here in the United States and across the globe is just as evil and just as government-sanctioned (though occasionally in an indirect way, akin to Tsarist pogroms) as the work of Hitler and his minions. Also, the 'Angel of Death,' Joseph Mengele, who was responsible for the heinous human experimentation at Auschwitz, was an abortionist in Argentina.

The second is to point out that they are offered as sacrifices to Molech, the demon who is the god of child sacrifice in the Old Testament, and whose cult keeps appearing across the world. The Celts and Aztecs are but two cultures outside of Canaan dedicated to worshiping him. The lies and falsehoods surround abortion because of its particularly demonic nature. All evil is ultimately tied to the devil, but abortion is something that destroys life, and so Satan is particularly attached to it and desires to spread it throughout our world. (Remember, The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.) This can be explained in greater detail elsewhere. I recommend the book Demonic Abortion by Fr Thomas Euteneuer, which supplements his book Exorcism and the Church Militant. (That is, if you can get copies of them. He succumbed to the temptations presented through his work as an exorcist, which shows the danger of this fight. I am of two thoughts on this. His scandal should be noted, but I think openly looking elsewhere, like on the Web, puts you in the same danger he faced. It's also not his sole opinion; it is in line with Church teaching and commentary from others, now and in the past. He is still a good priest for he publicly asked for pardon, and his opinions should not be taken lightly, for he knows his stuff on the Enemy.) It looks like this:

He points out the mockery of religion, both in the cults of old and the cult of abortion, which is Satan's evil and desperate attempt to make himself God. Remember Michael means, 'Who is like God?' because no one is in the sense Lucifer saw it. This mockery of God's creation and religion is noted elsewhere in theology; Tolkien makes use of it, for the trolls mock the Ents and the Orcs are a mockery of Elves and men, both in a completely ugly fashion.

Now, desperate does not mean taking evil lightly. We need to combat him with all the spiritual weapons we've got, as Father Euteneuer points out. I would like to buy a building near the abortion mill here and with the bishop's permission, begin Eucharistic Adoration and celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. I saw it done on the street-I think in Colorado- but around here, the Eucharist would be subject to profanation from demonic activity at the abortion mill if in the open or a building too close to the clinic (Read the book if you don't believe the bits about Satanic activity. I've heard firsthand of it in the Louisville area, which doesn't surprise me at all. One, because Louisville can be so far off the deep end of spirituality, and two, because of the history of abortion mills here). I don't think that the TLM is more efficacious than the Novus Ordo, by the way; any Mass said for the end of abortion brings forth countless graces and is effective. I just think that it is a bolder sign to the general public. I would also like to ask our ordinary to appoint priests to publicly pray the Exorcism of Pope Leo XIII at the abortion mill; in the meantime, then we should ask them to privately pray it. Perhaps the blessing of children in the womb could be modified for use at abortion mills, with a special prayer of intention for the conversion of heart, and for God's mercy to be shown to the unbaptized victims of abortion.

Read the book. It is dark and sobering, and well-written. He doesn't mince words, and if you are pro-abortion, please don't get angry at me for pointing out what he has to say. We're not crazy conspiracy-theorists; I mean, he does have footnotes for every quote and document.  Nay, we believe in the devil and reject all his works and empty promises. It's our job to help you to reject them too. Also, please keep in mind that he points out that the defensive mentality stems from defending something truly evil. That's what bugs me most if you get offended by the book, or even this post. Evil is irrational, and just continues to bury people as it spirals out of the control of man. (When I used plural forms, I meant Fr Euteneur, myself, and the rest of the Church Militant.)

 By the way, there is an inextricable link between contraception, abortion, and the violence like we saw in CT. May the Holy Innocents intercede for us, especially in the fight against abortion and for the Knights of Columbus council at St Martin's that is under their patronage.

UPDATE 2/14/13:

I had to remove the link to Msgr. Pope's blog, since his site has been infected yet again with malicious code, and my browser will not let me access the blog since it linked to his. Sorry. It was a good post.

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