Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gun Control and Abortion

Apparently there was a march today in Washington, D.C. advocating for stricter gun control. I'm all for stricter gun control laws, at least to a point. But, they must come after we eliminate abortion! Guns themselves do not cause this violence. To do so would be like banning the devices used in abortion which-at least some of them- have legitimate medical purposes! Guns do protect innocent lives! Also, abortion is always the murder of an innocent human being, meaning that it is always intrinsically evil, and graver than gun ownership. This reassignment of priorities to make everything equal or indeed, other things more important than abortion, is illogical to me.

Now, I would also argue that since abortion is so serious, its legalization and spread have brought a spiritual cancer upon the country, and indeed the globe. I think gun violence directly stems from violence in the womb, along with other spiritual evils such as pornography, same-sex 'marriage,' and contraception. Its acceptance makes it no wonder that precisely half of American marriages end in divorce. 

There's no scientifically-acceptable way of studying these items for correlation and causation, and there is no evidence that these are related unless you believe in the existence of God and the Evil One rebelling against him. Satan's greatest move was to get people to stop believing in him.

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