Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Introibo Ad Altare Dei

I was sent a link to Totus Tuus Family and Catholic Home School by Mrs. Eidem, in a Facebook message to me, our pastor, and three moms-including mine-who have sons on the altar.

Part of the problem he indicates is solved in the TLM, where only at Holy Communion-and then, only servers assisting with the paten at the rail, who are actually looking down anyways- do the servers face forward. I think we could do this in the Ordinary Form, and just have the priest face the 'north' during the propers. It's not important to see the lector or priest during the readings and homily; it's hearing it. Also, I truly wish to be the best server I can be, but sometimes the pressure of being highly visible makes me wonder if everyone has seen the awkward event (like when the thurible lining got stuck to the top on Epiphany...) and that's just distracting.

Alright, am I allowed to be envious of his surplice? He's married, so I presume he has a job, and can afford a more fancy surplice. Or, he has a large fan base in the congregation....(Readers, if I ever establish a PayPal fund, it will be for liturgical items-cassock/surplice, books, etc- or for St. Martin's to acquire said items. Hmm...)

I wish we had more regular occasions to get together with the other servers for training and food (fun is thrown in there too). I totally want to show this to them.

Also, I ordered a vesting pray card from the canons of St. John Cantius. I didn't even know servers had a vesting prayer, one for the cassock and one for the surplice! That's really cool! I am planning on either making quality copies, or ordering more for St. Martin's.

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