Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayers Needed

This came this morning from a good friend of ours (Mrs. Eidem) here in Louisville, corrected for typos, with helpful additions, and slightly emphasized.

Matt, would you kindly keep in your prayers a classmate of ours from C-dom [NB Christendom College], John-Paul [Jansen]. Yesterday he had a seizure, heart stopped, and he had to be put into a medically induced coma for 36 hours, so this time is critical. He and his wife were married last summer and baby is due in the next few weeks. Interestingly, I think he is the only one of our class to go on to become a medical doctor. His wife Anne is asking people to pray for intercession from Pope JPII, Mr. [Thomas S.] Vander Woude, and another beloved deceased parent of cdom and seton high school [in Manassas, Mr. Eidem went there, Thomas Vander Woude coached there, and is connected to C-dom]; alumni, Eileen Akers. Thanks.

I particularly ask that you direct your prayers through the intercession of Thomas Vander Woude. I fully believe that he is a saint, and someone asking for assistance is how the Church recognizes those whose holiness is worthy of investigation.

When I got this message, I wasn't sure what to say. (Yeah, words fail me sometimes. It's OK though.) I didn't provide any commentary, I just said, "I will pray." That's all that one can do, and it is the most effective thing one can do. I think you can also provide assistance-watching young ones, helping with food, etc- but that comes after trusting in the Lord.

We need to always pray for each others' needs, even if we cannot remember anything specific. God knows, and that's what counts. I immediately forwarded the message to the priests and seminarians I am friends with on Facebook, as well as to Father Z (who always stops what he does and says a prayer if you ask, even if you don't get a message back or post on the blog).

May God's will be done.

UPDATE: I got a message from Mrs. Eidem this morning, from John Paul Jansen's wife:
Dear, dear, friends in Christ.
This morning around 0345, John-Paul Jansen began following simple commands. He is still intubated and the copious amounts of sedation he was on are still metabolizing. But he opened his eyes for me and squeezed my hand! These are all good signs! Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray that he demonstrates signs of improvement and no permanent brain damage! Love you all and more news to come later!
Please continue to pray, especially through the intercession of Thomas Vander Woude, for his complete and total recovery.

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