Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pro-Life Mass

Today, my family went to the 10:00 Mass at St. Martin's, and I served as usual. Then, I went back at 2:00 to prepare for the archdiocesan Mass for Life held every year at the parish; it might be the oldest, or one of them anyways, Masses for Life held in the dioceses of the United States, since it has been held every year since the abomination known as Roe vs Wade became the law of the land.

The TLM servers have been slightly annoyed that the high altar candles have not been changed since Christmas, and were in pitiful shape. Some of them had burned so far down that only three inches was left. Well, Fr. Beach desired to light all the candles for this afternoon's Mass, and I agreed; why should we not let the church be at its full glory and splendor? Well, that meant I got to step up on the high altar to change the candles!

It truly was a wonderful experience. Louisville is very blessed to have Archbishop Kurtz at the helm of the diocese. He was actually much earlier than he was two years ago (last year, the Vicar General said Mass because Archbishop Kurtz was in Rome), and engaged everyone in good conversation. He is very approachable, but never at the expense of doctrine, thank God. Also, I told him that the Blessing of the Child in the Womb was well-written, and that it gave parishes the opportunity to use Gregorian chant for the Marian antiphons. It was nice to give him good feedback in an appropriate manner. The bishops need our support, and they need to hear we like the brick-by-brick changes!

This year, I wore a vimpa, and held his miter during the points at Mass he did not wear it. I was surprised to see six other boys show up to be torchbearers. Awesome! Frequently, the youth are left out of serving special liturgies, and it was good to see them in such numbers. I got to see Fr. Klotter, our previous pastor, but didn't talk to him. Argh!! My mom sees him and talks to him more than I do!!

His Excellency preached a great sermon on evangelization and being a witness to the Gospel of Life. I think I shall start wearing my Teens for Life shirt more often. I ordered some Z-Swag from Fr. Z this week, and that's going on the car. I need to pray more to the Sacred Heart, and put a Sacred Heart button on my bag along with the Rosary button...

Now, something at Mass was funny. I had to cross the sanctuary, but didn't genuflect because the archbishop was there. So dumb looking! I hope that the Holy See clears this up and allows genuflections in churches where the tabernacle is in the front of the church. Otherwise, I shall make sure to sit near the archbishop for the Confirmation Mass.

I saw a picture that the diocesan paper put on Twitter. I'm in it. I'll steal borrow it for a post when it goes up later in the week.

Oh yeah, and in a success for the Blessed Sacrameint, we had about twelve visiting priests, and the archbishop, Fr. Beach, Fr. Klotter, and the other priests as well as the St. Martin's deacons distributed Holy Communion. That's right, no EMHCs! Now, we did have an absurd number of concelebrants. Look, it's distracting, and really takes away from the priest being the principal actor in the sacrifice. Just dress in cassock and surplice, and bring a stole for the distribution of Holy Communion. That being said, I'm glad Fr. Klotter read  the Eucharistic Prayer-I don't like it but hey- since he does everything so well. He and Fr. Beach, out of all parish priests I know, are the best celebrants. Period. Best orans posture, most appropriate vocal levels.

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