Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Yours truly has finally earned his driver's license in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This means, among other places, I can drive myself to Mass. Well, it's really me driving the car, with my mom next to me, and my dad then follows with the siblings. This was a big step, since sometimes we're not all ready at the same time in the morning, AND it means I can stay as late as I need.

On Sunday, I told Fr. Beach that I'd like to start serving the Extraordinary Form now that I have my license, and can get there and back on my own. He was enthused, and invited to me to sit in choir so I could participate in Holy Mass, and observe the other servers. It was wonderful. I love the Ordinary Form, don't get me wrong, but there is something about him only facing the apse, and the profound silence of the Canon that I can't explain (nor should I be able to...). I think the vocal Canon bothers me only because it's at a normal voice level facing the congregation. If Mass was said ad orientem, and the microphone was not used, then it wouldn't bother me.

There is a formal training session tomorrow at the church. Hopefully I am well enough to go; this sore throat due to congestion is killer.

Here's a pic from the TLM for the re-interment of the relics of Ss Magnus and Bonosa, the martyrs of the early Roman Church, who are housed at St Martin's (We have nearly all of Bonosa, most of Magnus. They are probably the most complete sets of relics for saints who were not originally buried in the United States.) The original picture is on New Liturgical Movement.

Don't worry. I will still serve each and every Sunday (well, save the Sunday I will definitely be out of town) at the 10:00 Mass in the Ordinary Form.

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