Friday, February 15, 2013

First Friday of Lent (The Struggle)

Today is the first Friday of Lent, following Ash Wednesday. One should not overindulge, I think, but the only actual restriction is on eating meat of the flesh (so no red meat, pork, chicken, or other animals that live and breath on land-rodents, game, etc-but fish, insects, crocodiles, and alligators are allowed).

The orchestra teacher was in the classroom where I eat my lunch eating his lunch when I walked in. I just stared at his cheeseburger and suddenly craved a burger. Turns out, he had not only one of the fancier burgers from McDonald's, but a Big Mac to boot. Then, they started talking about french fries, and I wanted  Five Guys'. Oh my goodness. As my friend would say, "The struggle."

On the other hand, Dr. Marshall has a list of meatless foods to make on Fridays, and the only thing I chafe at is veggie lasagna (alright, I don't love frozen fish, cuz none of the sides usually make up for it, but the lasagna is just nasty). I love everything else! Tom+Chee's will hit the spot in two weeks when I am off of school! Perhaps a nice treat after Mass, no?

I will keep this post to only text, since I think torturing you with a picture of a juicy cheeseburger is a sin.


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