Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sixtus VI, Perhaps?

In response to my post HERE on the name of the next Pope, I left off Sixtus. At the time I didn't see a reason for him choosing Sixtus. But, I have been enlightened in what I deem to be at the top of the comments I've seen on Facebook. From a friend, after I pointed out in the Facebook comments to the shared post that he restated the Church's teaching on contraception and abortion, but nearly promulgated a Vulgate riddled with poor phrasings following the Council of Trent's command was to standardize it with the fewest possible errors. (Let that one sink in for a minute.)
Exactly! A new Sixtus is needed to reinforce the moral positions of the Church, as well as to redeem the good name Sixtus after the Vulgate issue. Besides, Sixtus V was pope roughly 500 years ago and the last pope to abdicate did so about 600 years ago, so clearly there is a mood of bringing back old things. For an Academic Challenge match I wrote Sixtus VI on my name placard once (or maybe I was Pius Π... I'm pretty sure it was Sixtus VI, though)

The last bit is pretty funny. :)

 But true facts indeed! Sixtus V was a Pope during the Catholic/Counter-Reformation, where the former refers to inside the Church, the latter to the Church's work with the culture outside her. He continued to work against the Protestant errors, and re-affirmed the excommunication of Queen Elizabeth I. Sixtus agreed to fund the Spanish Armada, though he saved a fortune because he knew Philip II was a terrible administrator, so the funds were available only on the condition that it landed in England...unfortunately, that did not happen. Fortunately, he had more money available to  standardize the Bible, and familiarizing Catholics with Sacred Scripture is something that had to be done, both then and now (indeed, always), in order to fight the fight at hand. I would argue ignorance of Scripture at a basic level, followed by ignorance of authentic interpretation, caused the Europeans to easily give in to the Reformation leaders and caused the troubles before and after the Second Vatican Council.

Maybe the next Pope will further encourage the Traditional Latin Mass, as evidently Pope Benedict's intention was that it was to be in every parish, every week (now, I wish there was a 8 AM Low Mass daily close-by in Louisville...), and freeing up the rites of ordination for priests who are not ordained for an institution dedicated to using the vetus ordo. And hey, maybe he will regularly wear the camauro, the tiara, and regularly use the sedia gestatoria.

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  1. I would to see a Sixtus VI, a Pius XIII, or a Leo XIV!