Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Thoughts

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has a piece on the Traditional Latin Mass in Buenos Aires after Summorum Pontificum  was promulgated.

The pastor of Blackfen (Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church), England, Fr. Timothy Finigan, has a map HERE on the older usage in the southern cone of the Americas.

Regardless of what today's liturgy might have looked like, I think we will be OK, and not even OK as in 'the Barque of Peter shall not sink.' I mean OK as in, 'We will do the best under the circumstances of a Pope who prefers simplicity and who has trouble singing because of his lung situation.' Remember, Cistercians are simple. No one says their traditional Masses aren't beautiful. Pope Benedict did not let people kiss his ring, until he was convinced that they were honoring his office, not himself. I think Msgr. Marini can convince Franics that while they don't have to go all Pius XII on the world, he does not have to wear ugly vestments and always face the people in those churches that only have liturgical east.

The Holy Father prayed at the tomb of Pope St. Pius V. Excellent: Interior reform, external reform, and hierarchical reform.

UPDATERorate Caeli has a post clarifying their earlier remarks. But, it must be noted that he could very well change as Pope, and won't undo Summorum Pontificum. Also, the design of the vestments was nice. The shells are the pilgrim's badge from Santiago de Campostela. The cut is silly, and the fabrics tacky, but hey, it's day one. Perhaps it was his, and was a gift; we know the miter is his. See above on the future of papal liturgy.

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