Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Again, I share some thoughts from Pope Benedict, this time for Good Friday. I particularly think these are fitting in the context of our own growth in holiness, our liturgical celebrations, our daily lives, and the troubles we Catholics might face within our lifetime. (Well of course they strike home in just about everything...sigh. See quote 3.)
The eloquence of God’s love, lived to the point of the supreme gift, speaks in the silence of the Cross.
Silence and Word:
Path of Evangelization
Message for the
24 January 2012
 Take up your own cross, the cross of the pain and sin of the world, so as to gain a better understanding of Christ's love for humanity. Thus you will feel impelled to proclaim the God Who loves men and women, and Who sent His Son, not to condemn them, but for them to achieve a life of fullness and meaning.
Youth of Madrid
Vatican City
2 April 2012
The cross is not a passing incident, but the passage through which Christ entered into his glory and reconciled the whole of humanity, overcoming all enmity.
Angelus Address
Castel Gandolfo
11 September 2005
Let us not hesitate to rediscover the friendship of God lost by sin; encountering the Lord, we experience the joy of his forgiveness.
General Audience
Ash Wednesday
Paul VI Audience Hall
21 February 2007

On the Cross, Jesus is exalted to the very ‘height’ of the God who is Love. It is there that he can be ‘known’. 
'Jesus of Nazareth'


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