Friday, March 1, 2013

Guardian Angels, Louisville

As I am on break, I got myself up to assist at the Traditional Latin Mass at Guardian Angels Catholic Church. It is located at 6000 Preston Highway here in Louisville. The website is HERE.

Fr. Leger has taken over saying the vetus ordo from Fr. Schoenbachler, who is now in very frail health (please do stop and pray for him!). It is Tuesday through Friday morning at 7:00 (though I might get there a few minutes early just in case). It was beautiful, and I will go every day during the summer. Well, as much as possible.

He also says every single Mass in the Novus Ordo facing the east. I also read that there are no girls at the altar and no EMHCS. Excellent! (I am always shocked to think that at one time we had girls at the altar at St. Martin's, and that we have EMHCs, and lectors, period, throughout the Church. I sorta understand the dislike for the priest reading, but then again, Mass is a didactic moment in perhaps its tertiary function.)

Now, one thought I had today was that part of the crisis in the American Church was that sanctuaries were built just like the one at Guardian Angels. There was a shortage of materials due to World War 2; this is where we get rayon chasubles, since silk was rationed to make parachutes. I wonder if there was a lack of artisan craftsmanship, having been replaced by companies working with synthetic materials for industrial purposes. Also, I wonder if this affected how they built little things, like the altar steps, which did not look designed for 8-12 sacred ministers and servers walking around.

 I mean, at least the two warehouse churches I have seen are oriented properly. Guardian Angels has also done a fantastic job with spacial and financial limitations. But, it is very easy to see why people built ugly churches, or made them even more ugly.

Anyways, here are some pictures:

Here, the altar cards crucifix, and candles are set out for the TLM. Sorry it's blurry.

Here's one of the tabernacle. I am not sure what is going on with the candles...

Here you can see it partially set up for the next Mass 

The altar rail, which is very well-done and new.
You can also see in the last photo that the sedilia is off to the side, where it should be for the TLM, and for the Ordinary Form (if I were Pope, anyways).

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