Friday, March 15, 2013

The Holy Trinity

Someone shared this video on Facebook, and it is an excellent overview of the Holy Trinity. Now, they deliberately phrase the famous shamrock analogy in a particular way, for two reasons. The first is that his phrasing is an opportunity to dismiss a heresy of the Trinity. Also, St. Thomas Aquinas says that for every doctrine there is one clear heresy- a wholesale rejection- and one that deviates from the established doctrine in some way when the logical conclusion is reached due to an erroneous theological position. To that I might add, there is often a rigid application of the doctrine to the point that it is heretical (Feeneyism springs to mind.). However, when phrased differently, the shamrock analogy is still incredibly useful, and simple. The Angelic Doctor, following the formulations of Aristotle, frequently applied analogies so that we could imperfectly understand something that cannot be understood via human reason.

Also, too bad that St. Patrick's feast is trumped by the Fifth Sunday of Lent AKA First Sunday of the Passion in the Extraordinary Form. Finally, note the ancient pallium of St. Patrick featured in the icon; it developed into the 'Y-shaped' pallium worn by Pope Benedict throughout the latter years of his pontificate.

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