Monday, April 8, 2013

John 3:16 Re-Examined

I whined the other day about the utter lack of contextualization for the (easily) most referenced Bible verse of all, John 3:16. It's awfully hard to put something in its proper order when removed from it. Evangelicals do not have the fullness of the Church, who protects and promotes the fullness of the sacraments-especially Holy Mass- Tradition, and Scripture, and so John 3:16 winds up being a bit cliché, an emotional response to instruction in  the doctrine of salvation sola fide.

It's late, and I am tired. I will ponder 'order' a little bit more over the next few days and post on it.

So, here is what I was looking for, found via the bowels of the Catholic blogosphere at the blog of David L. Alexander, more commonly known as the Man with the Black Hat, and a regular commentator over at Fr. Z's blog.

For God (the greatest good)
so loved (the greatest action)
the world, (the greatest need)
that He gave (the greatest example)
His only Son, (the greatest sacrifice)
that whoever (the greatest invitation)
believes in Him (the greatest response)
shall not perish, (the greatest horror)
but have eternal life. (the greatest gift)

Read the rest of John 3. It is beautiful.

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