Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Extra! Extra! The Pope Supports Liturgy! Read All About It!

Fr. Timothy Finigan, parish priest of Blackfen, England, has written a short translation and commentary on some comments made recently by certain Italian bishops.

For all intents and purposes, after claiming on their ad limina that it was causing 'big divisions' within the Church, certain bishops asked Francis to either abrogate or at least severely curtail Summorum Pontificum, the motu proprio which allows for greater celebration of the Mass in the older form of the Roman Rite, according to the Missal of 1962 promulgated by [now-] Saint John XXIII.
Then it was the turn of the bishop of Conversano and Monopoli, Domenico Padovano, who recounted to the clergy of his diocese how the priority of the bishops of the region of Tavoliere had been that of explaining to the Pope that the mass in the old rite was creating great divisions within the Church. The underlying message: Summorum Pontificum should be cancelled, or at least strongly limited. But Francis said no.
Mgr Padovano explained that Francis replied to them saying that they should be vigilant over the extremism of certain traditionalist groups but also suggesting that they should treasure tradition and create the necessary conditions so that tradition might be able to live alongside innovation.

Really. Just really. Go after the greatest treasure Christ could have given to His Bride, instead of everything else in the world. Abortion, immoral embryonic stem cell research. The fact that an abortionist is running for the Italian presidency. Fr. Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage has the text of then-Cardinal Bergoglio's pre-conclave intervention given to the College of Cardinals.
When the Church does not surge forth from herself to evangelize, she becomes self-referential and then gets sick (as with the woman collapsing in upon herself in the Gospel). 
Read the rest there. So as Fr. Finigan rightly points out,  of course Francis said no.

Mons. Guido Marini - 2008-05-18 - Visita di Papa Benedetto XVI a Genova.jpgThe sloppy Italian translation also adds in a bit about Monsignor Guido Marini, the head of the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations, who serves as Papal Master of Ceremonies. Evidently the Pope has been pressured to get rid of, or alternate at least, Monsignor Marini. But, he wants Marini there! It has something to do with stability as well as Marini's deep devotion to ars celebrandi. Plus, Mgr Marini is such a joy! I love watching him in public; he's always careful, but he smiles. A lot. His predecessor is dour, but not even the gloomiest of the current MC's assistants are that dour. (Sorry, Your Excellency.)
Benoit xvi octobre 2008.jpg

I don't like the translation of this bit, but it's what I've been saying all along.
 Invece Francesco sa che Roma non è Buenos Aires, che fare il Papa richiede anche di mantenere un apparato simbolico ancorato nella storia e nella tradizione millenaria della chiesa cattolica.

And the last bit mentions how it's a 'continuity that does not please everyone,' Oh well then. We can't please everyone I suppose. They also criticize the 'Benedictine arrangement' for being out-of-step with the Council. Well then. I suppose you failed to read the section of The Spirit of the Liturgy where he asks that we go to this arrangement temporarily. Oh and yes, do we have such a short collective memory that we forget-or do only progressives- that the Pope never said Pontifical Mass at the altar of the Confession facing away from the people (as they'd put it)? We do when it comes to the Canon bells (which I like...they just didn't use them. Whatever, it's a custom now, and a proper one which I like. Just saying that throwing the MCs out led to silly things.).

On noble simplicity, I might add that the post-2007 (OK 1984, but mostly since 2007) celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass might very well have been acceptable to the peritii of the Council. It was to the theological assistant to the Archbishop of Cologne, one Joseph Ratzinger, as he issued Summorum Pontificum. 

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