Monday, May 6, 2013

Follow-Up to 'Woman's Ordination' in Louisville

Now that's an ordination!
Recently, a woman participated in the simulation of the conferral of the presbyteral state at a United Church of Christ here in Louisville. Today, the pastor of St. Andrew's United Church of Christ wrote to the Courier-Journal to defend his community from the criticism it has been receiving from the Church. My emphases and comments. I won't place quotes around things that just aren't true, such as woman 'priest' or ordination. That's too tedious, and I think you get the point.

Smead's Ordination 
 A May 2 letter writer asks why Rosemarie Smead's ordination ceremony took place in a Protestant sanctuary. The answer is that there were no Catholic sanctuaries able or willing to host the ordination [Of course they couldn't. It takes a long time for you to want to cross into heresy and/or schism. Not worth it.] As a denomination that values women in ministry, a United Church of Christ  congregation stepped forward to host this remarkable, if not historic, event. We did not do this to be offensive, bigoted, hateful, insulting, degrading, sacrilegious, or to make a mockery out of Catholicism. [Doesn't matter. Simulation of a sacrament is what it is: a simulation, a mockery sprung forth from Satan's lips.] (These are just a few of the accusations leveled against me and my congregation in the days following the ordination.) We did this because we love the Church of Jesus Christ in all its many forms and expressions [Does this include the Eastern Churches, in which no woman's ordination has occurred.]
As a Protestant I realize I have no voice within the Roman Catholic Church, but I call on the "Mother Church" [Holy Mother the Church. He paradoxically cknowledges Pope Benedict's reenforcment of the idea that churches have apostolic succession, and Protestants are in ecclesial communities.] to join her Protestant [order matters] sisters and brothers in working  towards a day when institutional sexism will disappear from the Church Universal [Why do they insist that the Mystical Body of Christ has no visible expression, that the Catholic Church with its see in Rome and its brother bishops in Constantinople and across the world is meaningless to one's salvation?], along with all other forms of discrimination that are regularly practiced at the communion table [1 Corinthians 11:27] , the pulpit [the calling of the Twelve, the laying of hands on the deacons in Acts, and thus the unbroken Tradition], and the wedding altar [Genesis 2, and thus Mark 10].
 Dr. Jimmy Johnson
Pastor, St Andrew [on whose authority?] Church of Christ, Louisville 40220 

Of course, they chose a denomination that has no governing body like the Episcopal Church (although they'd love this). Some call the UCC "Unitarians Considering Christ." Oh geez.

I hope the archdiocese follows the example, once, again, of Cardinal Burke. Sorry to send you to Hell's Bible, riddled with lies, deceptions, and falsehoods too numerous to go into five years later! But anyways, he ended ecumenical ties to a synagogue that did this same think in St. Louis in 2008.

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