Saturday, May 25, 2013

Francis and Benedict

  1. He's the Holy Father, who as successor to St. Peter is the ruler of the temporal Church. Besides, the white chair is ugly and is not effective in filling that space. It's very aesthetically displeasing.
  2. No one 'wants' those things for themselves. I wish priests would wear more splendid vestments because they are performing their ministry in the person of Christ, for Him, as commanded by Him. Also, Pope Francis wears the embroidered stole for blessings and such. The mozetta is a practical item too, to keep the shoulders warm but keep them free for blessings. And, he's the Pope. He can do what he wants, within the natural and divine law, in terms of dispensing with vestments. But, Francis won't show up to say Holy Mass improperly vested (and for what it's worth, his chasubles aren't great, but they are more than very decent). 
  3. He is the Pope. He does what he wants. Francis has sciatica, and is 78 years old, so changes to things like his shoes would be hard. Even Benedict did not immediately adjust to all the papal ceremonies. He wished for people to avoid kissing the Fisherman's Ring, until he was reminded that they are honoring the office, not the man.
  4. And? It's a gift. It's a nice thought that he's wearing it still, and it's not ugly, so keep it by all means! And if it ever needs repair he and Mgr. Marini can find one in the Papal Sacristy to use in the interim.
  5. He liked the one that Paul VI never wore. Pretty meaningless. People will still try to kiss his ring! 
  6. And...although he is Pope, he does need to change this one. You're not supposed to wear pants under a cassock all day, errday. (And in his case, it looks dumb). There was a form of shorts worn traditionally; now you should cut off and hem pants. I'm not sure what Benedict wore, but even he had to be told that he had to wear a white cassock all the time, and couldn't switch into a black cassock. He is just a priest, but then not really. And Francis knows who he is, remarkably quickly if I might say. So does it really help us to put down Papa Benny like this?
  7. It's papal red. We've been doing this a lot longer than the Oscars have been around. 
Why must people put them in opposition? I guess it's easy to ignore what Francis is actually saying-nothing different than what Benedict said- when you prefer the externals. Yet the Benedictine arrangement is STILL around. Summorum Pontificum is STILL the law regarding the traditional rites.

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