Saturday, June 1, 2013

Interesting Comment on Fr. Z's Blog

This was found over at Fr. Z's Blog, in reply to the post on the collect for Corpus Christi. The section in italics is the original comment, and the plain-text is the reply to that comment.
After the Second Vatican Council, many liturgists (all but a few?) asserted that, because modern man is all grown up now, Eucharistic devotions are actually harmful rather than helpful. We mustn’t crawl in submission before God anymore. We won’t grovel in archaic triumphal processions or kneel as if before some king. We are urbane adults, not child-like peasants below a father or feudal master. We stand and take rather than kneel and receive.
It was a very odd conclusion for churchmen to arrive at in the wake of two world wars, the Korean War, the Stalin regime, the Chinese Cultural Revolution [Great Leap Forward, actually. CR was after the Council but point taken], and other, similar atrocities that left hundreds of millions dead. It shows how deeply the rot of modernism had penetrated. 

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  1. First, let me say, I found this blog approximately an hour ago, and have been browsing the archives. I really like what I've read!

    In regards to the twentieth century, there is a tendency to treat the two world wars as anomalies in history (they weren't). Also, for a long time it seems like it was "fashionable" to ignore the regimes of twentieth century dictators.

    For example, the world seemed to gasp when the Tienanmen Square incident occurred, BUT similar things had been happening in China for decades before then.

    Those responsible for V2 probably were no different than many living in Western democracies--they closed their eyes to the reality of the world. They forwent a liturgy born in a harsh world, and instead created their own, born in a world knowing only the prosperity of Western democracy and the decadence that goes with it.

    I'm usually the first to remind my modernist-latched friends that we're no more civilized than our ancestors--we just think we are.