Friday, June 7, 2013

National Catholic Committee on Scouting and the BSA Membership Policy Change

I have to say that the National Catholic Committee on Scouting is not adequately responding to the overwhelmingly critical reaction, from the members of the faithful, to the membership policy.

Dr. Peters makes an airtight argument for the policy in the context of Catholic teaching, which can be found HERE and HERE respectively. I mean, I just cannot argue with this position.

 HOWEVER, in this day and age especially, we cannot expect people to uphold the natural law, because it is no longer recognized as such. Our beliefs are to be kept within our religion, and not forced upon others. And after 45 years of weak teaching and ineffective action, I cannot expect even Catholics to implement the policy this way (see below).

Dr. Peters points out that he writes primarily on the principle, i.e. the words that constitute the policy. I agree completely: words matter. But they don't to the homosexual-rights lobby who advocated this change. The boots on the ground who interpret this do not share the same understanding of the natural law, so thoroughly bent out of shape in today's world. Already people are looking towards moving forward with adults. This is why I was so troubled by the lay chairman's reference to Dr. Peters' posts in an online posting. Dr. Peters gave his take, and told me that he knows how the homosexual lobby works. He is also right that we shouldn't throw what's good away before it's actually evil. On the other hand, the NCCS looks quite naîve in its approach. Dr. Peters as usual is careful and nuanced, but so close to the heart of the Church through her intellectual expression that, well, everybody else misses it.

I am quite certain that it is perfectly within the realm of Catholic teaching for a parent to remove their child from the BSA if they feel it appropriate. Priests already have decided not to renew charters, and more are considering it. And, parents are the primary educators of children. Priests of course are our shepherds and are needed for us to make the hard calls in life.

This is an untenable compromise, similar to women's ordination in the Church of England. All that is required for episcopacy is to be a validly ordained priest. So why couldn't a woman, who held valid orders (in some Anglican eyes), be a bishop? Whelp, they finally consecrated female bishops. How do they expect a boy who is same-sex attracted to turn 18 and end his involvement with his troop? Why does he make a good example of a youth leader, but not an adult one? In my view, this is the biggest issue. There is an open question, namely, where will it end?

 Also, why are we subjecting children (!) to ridicule for something that is disordered and when acted upon, intrinsically evil? Someone who says that children should identify (in general, much less publicly to their peers) as same-sex attracted deserve to have a stone cast around his neck and be flung into the sea, if the words of Our Lord matter at all.

I expect revulsion towards homosexual acts, and I expect Christian charity to be given to all, including those with same-sex attraction. However, I cannot expect a pubescent or barely post-pubescent teenager to have the same maturity in speech and action as an adult. All of us are still spiritual works-in-progress...

Additionally, same-sex attraction should not, in my view, be something that's terribly public. Occasionally it is good to hear someone explain why he or she is a faithful Catholic and not an 'LGBT rights' activist. There is a blog written by a same-sex attracted woman, and that is her way of letting us help her with her cross. But she is discrete. Courage, the apostolate for those who are same-sex attracted and their families, is extremely discrete.

Now, I get that sex is still considered misconduct. But how, pray tell, are we supposed to help boys with same-sex attraction if we are still supposed to send them to their pastor and parents? I also think that sex is now going to be injected into the Scouting environment, whether it was meant to be or not. That's just the way these things go, especially since I associate 'sexual orientation' with being an open and active homosexual (I could be COMPLETELY wrong on that. But that's what I associate it with regardless.). A public school graduate does run this blog, remember.

There is already a fifth column of homosexuals and their supporters in the Catholic Church that wishes for not only membership at all levels of the BSA, but inclusion in canonical ministry (religious life, the priesthood, and lector/EMHC). This already happened last summer at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church here in Louisville in their Scout troop, where the openly homosexual Scoutmaster would not resign when asked by the local Boy Scout council, and the archbishop had to personally get involved (apparently, the pastor queried the archbishop because he wasn't sure of his role and authority. Sheesh, it was a hot mess for sure.). Not to mention, Dignity, the 'ministry' for open homosexuals, still claims to be Catholic when in fact it is not.

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