Friday, July 19, 2013

"Another Critical Reason Why You, In Particular, Must Become A Saint"

There is a Youtube channel called Reborn Pure in Christ. It is run by a friend of mine, Renée, who shall be attending (wait for it!) Franciscan University of Steubenville with me in the fall!

Apparently, her middle name is Catherine. Renée Catherine means reborn pure (yeah, yeah, the Greek is highly debated according to Wikipedia, but virtually all name history books declare it and its derivatives such as the Anglicized Irish Kathleen to mean pure, and it is a good, solid Christian name!). Hence the Youtube channel name. Totally cool! And, her parents didn't mean to do it! Even cooler.

I noticed a few things. I really don't like putting my real picture online. It's on two posts on the blog, but I use a painting of St. Thomas as my avatar for Disqus and Blogger instead of the picture of me dressed as him. I use my picture occasionally, but it rarely varies from site to site.

In contrast, her face is in most of the videos. It's a medium that cries for a face-to-face view.

I tell stories discretely. One can read between the lines, and guess at the subject of the story. Even then I don't even know if the subjects would be able to identify themselves. And, I won't use someone's name unless they are a prominent figure such as a well-known priest or a bishop.

It is also easier to chart someone else's actions and spiritual growth than our own, both online in our various media projects or in our own personal conversations.

Now, we both agree there are good reasons for this. She said it's like confiding in someone. You have to be careful not to be too open emotionally with others, and you have to look out for your emotional well-being as well as (scarily) your physical safety while working online. But, Renée and I think alike: that one comment where someone says, "this is exactly what I needed." That's it! My work is done, as Father Zuhlsdorf says in similar situations.

Not to hijack her project, but I thought it would be really fun to branch out a bit, and we are in the same hall this year-I on the men's side, she on the ladies', of course- so we have already discussed a view ideas for discussion! I am looking forward to it a lot. A win for the New Evangelization!

This one is her favorite, and she said that if she had to choose one, this would be the one to show everyone. It's powerful and very spiritually mature. SSP kudos to Renée Catherine.

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