Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cool Tridentine Mass Video

A friend shared on Facebook a really well-made video on the Tradtional Latin Mass. It features the celebration of the Mass at Incarnation Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida. It is beautiful, firstly.

They make the best of their circumstances. You can see that they distribute Holy Communion in the most reverent way (in our Latin Church, mind you!), kneeling and on the tongue. The first pew is left empty, apparently, to serve as a kind of altar rail. It might take away some space, but we all can share, right? The steps are thankfully built to accommodate the traditional form, so they just move a little bit to adjust for the round shape of the platform.

I like how they vest the priest. It is right and proper.

The priests made such excellent comments."You are entering something far greater than you!" That's a voice I think my great-grandmother would understand....the Scotch-Irish accent!  I love how he says the Domine, non sum dignus, and his description of facing ad orientem. "The purpose of the Mass is to receive the Lord and to find him in their daily lives..." Beautiful

The Bishop instituted this! Nice! I am very glad he's not hostile. I wonder if this was pre-Summorum Pontificum, because he no longer 'needs permission' (except for a third Mass...).

I love that they want the TLM to be in all parishes. Indeed, this is an implied goal of our venerable Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, as explained in Summorum Pontificum.

It is also noteworthy that the oldest-by appearances  at any rate- priest wishes for younger priests to step up and learn the Extraordinary Form. Well, ask the bishop to ordain the seminarians if they know at least Low Mass, either in addition (or even better, in preference, to the Ordinary Form). This is the expectation of Bishop Morlino of the Diocese of Madison.

Also, the parish website has a list of items needed for the TLM, with very nice explanations of the Mass and why he needs each item. This is how you do it, Fathers. Ask and you shall receive. People will not give willy-nilly. They might not wish to give for finances can be tight, or they don't trust you because of issues in the past. But, if they wish to have the traditional form of Mass, they will help! These also can be used in the Ordinary Form as well (yes, even maniples if Bishop Morlino, Fr. Z, and other clerics have something to say!).

Tridentine Mass Promo from Two Sense Films on Vimeo.

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