Friday, July 26, 2013


Kiddos with Abp. Kurtz!
Mrs. Marta Cuatto is the director of the pre-school and Lower School at Immaculata Classical Academy. The school occupies the former St. Barnabas parish school in the Hikes Point neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, and Deo gratias, my sister shall be attending for the eighth grade. Anyways, she sent an email to all the parents, and I am putting out a plug on the blog for them.
Firstly, many of you know of the enormous blessing of having postulant sisters at Immaculata. Their joy and witness has already been so powerful. Part of the charism of the Sisters of the Fiat is to live in joyful simplicity in imitation of Christ, and as such they are entirely dependent on the good will of the community to provide for their material needs. Over the summer they have had very limited donations and are in great need of your generosity and the generosity of others to provide them with gift cards, specifically to Kroger's which they use to buy food, and also to purchase gas to help them travel to daily or Sunday Mass. They do not waste a penny. If you are able to help, please drop off a card at the school or mail it to the school at the Sister's attention. Thank you again!
Please help them! Miss Caryn and Miss Anne are wonderful, and they do take their vow of poverty seriously. In fact, it was only by a last-minute decision by their principal supporters that they got to go to the too-expensive Church Teaches forum. Quite honestly, I have always addressed them by name when speaking to them, and refer to them as "the sisters." Let's make it easier on me: give them money! Let's support them, so the word can get out, and we can in due course have a new institute of diocesan right in Louisville (one of many, I might add, and an orthodox one!!). I'll get more info on the Sisters of the Fiat soon, so  I can do a more complete and formal plug to clear up what stage they are at in the process, and to better explain their charism!!

Maybe we should pray the Chaplet of the Fiat so that they can be 'fully formed,' received their habits, etc?? I think yes!

Anyways, Immaculata is also looking for help to clean and move things around to prepare for the fall. Please support their awesome work. I'm a bit jealous of the superior Catholic education my sister shall be receiving! 

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