Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mark Shea on Lying (Not What You Think)

I don't usually read Mark Shea's work for two reasons. One, I simply don't have that much time to read every Catholic blog that is in existence. Two, he really irritated me. He slammed Live Action, the pro-life group dedicated to uncovering evils within Planned Parenthood and occasionally other abortion providers. He walloped traditionally-minded Catholics, for the sins of a few who tend to be nasty and uncharitable.

But then, a few months ago, he apologized. On Thursday, he wrote a really good piece for the National Catholic Register. It is on the Eighth Commandment and is very well-balanced. He mentions the morality of lying, but points out that culpability and gravity can be greatly diminished. Shea also makes a very good argument that Live Action's tactics are already starting to backfire. It's a fair criticism, although I don't think crisis pregnancy centers ever claimed to do anything pro-aborts want them to say they don't do. Planned Parenthood is a house of lies, on the other hand...

And hey, I think we all need big, obnoxious signs with lights that say "Warning: Spiritual Work in Progress," like the kinds on the side of the interstate highway.  Conversion of heart is for all of us. It is constant. We must always be working at it, taking the appropriate steps for each time in our lives.

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