Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meme on EMHCs

From Catholic Memes:
Photo: Sorry EMHCs, it's not you, it's me.

At least three people said, "This is why we go to Mass in the Extraordinary Form." One person also said he was glad to be an Eastern Catholic! Of course, the EMHCs often got huffy, and talked about how it's not like there's more Jesus in the priest's hands. It's the same priest who invested the EMHCs. To one person, it was moving to receive the Eucharist from a person whom they had taught in catechism class many years ago.

They also fail to realize that an EMHC is not necessary at daily Mass, but we insist on distribution under both kinds. A priest and deacon are more than sufficient for Sunday Mass, even with 400 people. A priest can lock the hosts in the tabernacle, or if absolutely necessary cover the ciboria and leave them on the corporal. Intinction with a paten held under the chin should be used if both kinds are distributed, in order to prevent overconsecrating the Precious Blood. Or, the deacon can distribute the Sacred Host.

The emotional defense put up by supporters of a liturgical novelty is frightening. The only possible response, as one person commented, is to continue this practice so Father just gets rid of EMHCs entirely!

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