Sunday, July 28, 2013

'Operation Sing the Salve'

The other night, I posted about my woes in printing copies of the Salve Regina to sing at my youth group, "Four Pillars."

Well, today was the day! I arrived at the meeting place, and almost immediately found Miss Anne, one of the postulant Sisters of the Fiat! She was so happy!! Anne teaches-or will- teach the Ward Method to the kiddos at Immaculata, and she and the other sister, Miss Caryn, love chant. They also seem to have a beautiful attraction to the Extraordinary Form; hopefully this will become part of the statutes as a community.

Mr. Michalak, the pizza franchisee who runs our youth group, did not buy Mountain Dew. Oh the horror! So, his oldest son Nathan and I, along with Anne, ran to Wal-Mart. It was completely unnecessary to send three people for a twelve-pack of soda to a Wal-Mart that was only thirty seconds away. I am also not exaggerating the driving time.

However, it was quite the trip! I had my Jerusalem tee shirt from Monk Rock on, and I also wore sunglasses. I then was reminded of an image of Blessed John Paul II, kinda like this one. (The one I recall features a young Fr. Wojtyla in a cassock, glasses, and a beret or other cap...). Swag. Catholic swag, that is.

I wondered aloud how nice it would be if Anne had traveled with us in her full religious habit, and maybe Nathan too. (The sisters and he have a 'competition' to see who will receive their habits first.). Anne just told me we'd get stared at. Ever the optimist, I said, "Well, hopefully they'd be good stares!"

She told us that she'd be rich if she got a penny for every time someone asked if she was a Mennonite, or a member of some other sect, except she has a vow of poverty! The sisters wear black chapel veils with their jumpers, and later in the evening Anne told me that at a young adult holy hour, she was once told, "I'm sorry for your loss." Well then!

As we left the store, I realized how much I laugh and smile during the events. I tried to force myself to stop smiling, and it hurt! I think that's what Pope Francis means by 'Christians always being filled with joy.' I said that it hurt, and boy, do they think I'm weird. Good times, good times.

We got into our groups to discuss the week's reading for the Total Consecration (I have pushed mine off, but anyways), and after we watched the talk from Fr. Gaitley, we sang the Salve! It was beautiful!!

Ah! We just need to get all of them to go to the EF on Sundays instead of the Ordinary Form. Sigh. One step at a time, right?

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