Sunday, July 21, 2013

St. Francis de Sales Quotes

These are all quotes from St. Francis de Sales, the doctor of the Church. I find them appropriate in my life right now. He's a saint of pithy quotes!

  • It is a good thing to mortify the body, but a much better thing to purify the soul of poorly controlled affections. 
  • One single Our Father said with attention and from the heart is worth more than many said in a hurry and out of habit. 
  • It is useless to confess a sin, even of little consequence, unless one is determined to correct oneself. 
  • Far from preventing us from praying, sickness should in no way weaken our union with God. It can even bring us closer to Him if we truly conform our will to His.
  • Let us not forget the maxims of the saints, who teach us to advance a little further each day on the road to perfection. This thought should encourage us not to be surprised or to feel miserable whenever we have something to correct. Each day we must begin again with renewed courage.
  • Resolve to examine your heart often to see if it is as disposed toward your neighbor as you would like His to be toward you.
  • When young people indulge in looks, words or actions which they would not like to be seen by their parents, spouses, or confessors, it is a sure sign that they are damaging their conscience and their honor. 
  • Our possessions are not ours,—God has given them to us to cultivate, that we may make them fruitful and profitable in His Service, and so doing we shall please Him.
  • Obey quietly, promptly, cheerfully, without reluctance; and, above all, render a loving obedience for His Sake Who became obedient even to the death of the Cross for our sake. 

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