Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week In Review

 ...or something like that. First, we heard news on Thursday from Spain, where nearly 80 pilgrims perished on their way to Santiago de Compostela for the feast of St. James the Greater, Apostle and Martyr. He is the patron of the place, and every year since the High Middle Ages a great Mass and festival have been celebrated on his feast. Instead, only a Missa pro defunctis was held. The devil does everything he can to prevent people from doing things, like interrupting the end of 'El Camino de Santiago.'

I can't even...
World Youth Day is next going to be held in Krakow, in 2016. This is incredible, for it is the city in which Blessed John Paul II spent so much of his life and priesthood.

Hopefully it won't be subjected to unusually strong weather. I am furious that the Church raised funds for the Campus Fidei, something that was not used once, and it's UGLY. For a Church of the poor, why do we remind them of their material poverty with fantastically ugly liturgies, with fantastically banal places to worship? St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr, was ordered to gather the treasures of the Church, and took three days. He reported to the Imperial authorities with ... the poor.. The Church is the instrument of Our Lord to bring people to Heaven, so he's completely right.

To God, as the ancient hymn goes, "all glory, laud and honor,"  firstly. Secondly, humans are also sensory creatures, with the ability to communicated vocally. So, we need to engage ourselves visually, aurally, and with our sense of touch. Of course, our mouths are engaged through the reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sometimes this is also done through denial of the senses. The predominant silence of Low Mass, and the entirety of the Canon is an example. Also, rood screens historically impeded sight, and the distance to the altar can also disrupt our sight.

It is fitting that the Church, as guardian of treasures used for divine worship and to enhance our participation in the mystery, spreads them to all, no matter their social status or place on the continents. The Church also holds works of art and literature so that the public might be more learned and brought towards God in other ways.

The liturgy should reflect God, that is He who is Goodness, He who is Truth, and He who is Beauty.

Today, we learned that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have experienced divisions, seemingly led from the American houses, and must receive permission to use the Extraordinary Form. I was in tears when I read this. I can't understand why they opposed the Superior General so much as to successfully ask the Holy Father (Benedict!) to appoint an apostolic visitor in his stead, and for him to recommend that the Ordinary Form be their usual liturgy. This will hurt vocations; already the friars that are out there promoting the community are known for the traditional liturgy, and those answering the call love the EF. I might add that the effect of the gradual changes towards the EF was news to even Rorate Caeli, who have followed it greatly. Again, the devil is in all of this. The effect on lay people in parish congregations dependent in part or whole on the FFI and on vocations will be huge, I think.

Fr. Z  has a heartfelt reaction, in which he is on the mark. I shall take it to my own heart and use it in spreading the liturgical richness of the Church over the next however-many years.

Oh, and the Holy Father gave remarks to reporters on-board Shepherd One. It's frustrating that EVERY action demands clarification. He said something about homosexual clergy, and not judging them. True enough, nothing new there. I mean, he even cited the Catechism! But, very few priests with same-sex attraction are able to be chaste and continent. Why? Some slip and fall. We all do. Then there are those who are more militant, trying to subvert the Church and gain influential posts to curtail orthodox and traditional vocations. The ecclesiastical culture of Goodbye, Good Men by Michael Rose still holds true. The current societal climate is not a good one for forming priests with same-sex attraction. Already we have seen a few 'gay priests' denounce requests from their bishops to speak against same-sex 'marriage.' What else do you expect from a Catholic priest, Fathers?? So many would be under intense pressure to preach heterodoxy, because someone, somewhere knows they are same-sex attracted.

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