Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thoughts on Work, or How to Run a Catholic Business in the World

I work for a pretty fantastic company. A family from my parish, the Michalaks, own all but 1 of the Little Caesars pizza franchises in the Louisville metro. Oh, and never go to the ones at Kmart, as the ads on local Catholic radio remind you: corporate owns them!

They are solidly Catholic. My mom said that Mrs. Michalak "doesn't have a prideful bone in her body." Their slogan could officially be-I mean, it's de facto- Maria, Totus Tuus ego sum. The family has an incredible devotion to Our Lady, and especially through the Total Consecration. There is a lack of solidly Catholic and 'classical' education in our diocese. The Protestants run a classical school that is excellent...minus the fact they use the 'Authorized Version' with its deliberate errors. The diocesan schools are helter-skelter, and the independent or religious order schools are either heretical or insular.

Immaculata Classical Academy-where my sister, Deo gratias, shall be going for at least eighth grade- also serves children with special needs. The youngest biological child of the Michalaks has Down Syndrome, and their experiences with her have led the school to try and serve as many special needs children as possible.

They also run an extraordinary charity for Down Syndrome children and their families, helping with therapy, fun activities, and support. It is called Angels in Disguise. And, if that wasn't enough, they run a youth group called Four Pillars; right now we are mostly doing the Total Consecration. If you want to learn how to run a youth group, ask them or see for yourself.

Anyways, we get to go to daily Mass. Some of us go to 7 AM Mass at Guardian Angels, other the 8:30 or at other parishes. I have seen my supervisor there too! He also said yesterday that from now until I leave (merp), if we are working the same shift on a Friday he will split a cheese pizza with me! Win for Friday abstinence! He said that they always eat fish or something meatless! What a cool example.

And boy, I respect the work that he and his wife put in. Making pizzas for eight hours, five or six days a week is grueling. And it's not easy: getting good employees who will work for $7.25 an hour (which is twice as much or more than what my parents made in high school, for what it's worth) is hard. There is a lot of baloney that goes on. People are late, or not working while clocked in without a good cause. That means your managers are not always the cream of the crop (and nothing in particular against mine, mind you. It's just that right now my store is going to be losing people, and my supervisor said that he needs good employees...the applications were lame).

There is a huge crucifix in the corporate office. What a beautiful testament to Our Lord: it is all in His hands, guided by His Immaculate Mother.

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