Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Asperges Me...

The blessing of my hall was tonight. Father Shawn, TOR, a friar here at Franciscan came around with an aspergillum and holy water (which is kept in gallon jugs to facilitate its easy and frequent replenishment!) and blessed the halls, and sprinkled the rooms, the contents, and anyone inside.

So, why do we bless things? I just knew that it was good and right for us to ask for them. EWTN's theological library had the answer once again.

A blessing is a sacramental, an object which prepares us to receive grace and to cooperate with it. This isn't as evident with the blessing of a non-religious object or place. But, in order to sanctify ourselves, we must sanctify those places in which we reside and work. Everything must be restored to the Lord.

So, when you see a priest, ask for his blessing as you depart from him! Normally, he should use the form "Benedictio omnipotentis Dei, Patris, et + Filius, et Spiritus Sancti, descendant super te/vos et maneat semper."

If, he's departing, Father should be kind as Fr. Leger is back home in Louisville, and say, "God bless you," while making the Sign of the Cross.

Oh, and use the older books, Fathers! De Benedictionibus is just...not as good as the traditional books.

Appropriate for tonight:

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