Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cardinal Burke on the TLM and Vocations

His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke gave the first morning address at the Church Teaches forum last month. He is a canonist, and so naturally in many of his talks he speaks on liturgical law in the life of the Church.

Lately he has been on a particular theme, of which Sacra Liturgia 2013 in Rome, the FOTA conference in Ireland, and this talk are just some examples. They should all be online, and I've been meaning to specifically post on his remarks from Louisville.

Anyways. This theme is the relation of man to God in the sacred liturgy through liturgical law.

God has established covenants between God and Man, and to God, Man owes Him proper and right worship, which is known as the jus divinum, "divine law." This means that we have no means to tinker with it.

He specifically said that the reforms were "violent," and shook his head sadly as he seemed to depart from the text, after having briefly mentioned the Extraordinary Form as a means to recover right worship.

(Aside: one must wonder how much he and Papa Benny still support the reforms.)

He only had one question after a meeting in La Crosse, Wisconsin with priests opposed to the use of the Roman Rite in the older form: "This Mass. We came to love it. It inspired our vocations. Why do you hate it now?"

I just started crying when he said that.

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