Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fathers of Mercy Pilgrimage!

On Thursday we made a pilgrimage to the Fathers of Mercy for the Mass of the Assumption with the rite of final profession of vows for Br. Adrian Duran, whom I had met at the Church Teaches Forum. The Four Pillars youth had also been invited to make their Total Consecration to Mary after Mass, led by a priest of the Fathers of Mercy.

It was lovely. Here is a picture from their Facebook page of Brother Adrian prostrating for the Litany of the Saints:

Photo: Br. Adrian Duran during his RITE OF PERPETUAL PROFESSION

The Fathers liked our name as they preach on the Four Pillars during their missions, plus one more: Mary. The sermon focused on growing closer to Mary as a way to perpetually serve the Church, our guardian in this life and the next. Brother Adrian has an ever-growing devotion to Our Lady. It was quite neat, as Father mentioned the death of Our Lady, which occurred as she conformed more closely to Jesus Christ, even though she died free from original sin. Of course, we had just been talking about it in the car! Also, he told us that "whomever does not have Mary for his mother does not have God for his Father." 

Fr. Leger preached on that, and pointed out that this is one of the errors of the Protestant heretics. (I went and served a 6:30 AM Low Mass for him prior to heading out...I really love to serve Mass!). One doesn't hear the phrase 'Protestant heretics' enough...

Both mentioned Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces and Co-Redemptrix. Ahh! This was all straight out of the beginning of the second article of True Devotion to Mary, which I had just gotten to in the car on the way to the Fathers of Mercy. And, I was reminded of the cool analogy used to explain Mary's role as those and as Advocate while playing hoops with their vocations director: One can take a three-point shot from downtown, but might make it 30% of the time. But, you can pass it to the post, where Mary is standing for a lay-up, which is a high-percentage shot that makes it nearly every time. Our Lord is the hoop.

There you have it: Mary is Mediatrix of All Graces and Co-Redemptrix. 

We spent the day there. I heard not one angry word. Everyone had a fantastic time playing games and eating pizza, and two or three priests were with us throughout the day. I had some lovely conversations with people! For example, Fr. Jim Costigan does not use the newer form of blessing water. The older form contains an exorcism, and is clearly an invocative blessing. The newer form is-and he said this, not me- is quite minimalist; Fr. Z. also points out that the theology is wonky. It was terrific that they were also supportive of me and those in our group who love the traditional Mass. 

So, young Gabriel asked his mother, Mrs. Michalak, when we were finishing picking up trash (leave it better than you found it!) if loading the cars was a practice loading. He's often quite smart-alecky so we just thought it was funny. Whelp, sure enough, I only thought to ask the Fathers for their blessing as we were loading the cars. Everyone had to get out!

And, my mom got teased-rightfully so!- for not having holy water in her purse. Mrs. Michalak had some buried deep down, so Fr. Chuck gave the blessing and Fr. Jim sprinkled us with holy water. 

But wait! Nathan, Gabriel's eldest brother, was in the car with me, and we had some bang-up discussions on the faith. Well, I had served Low Mass and had left my serving card in the car. My mom took the wrong exit, and Nathan began reciting the Confiteor! ROTFLMBO! (That was a twenty-minute detour...we shoulda said a Rosary.)

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