Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pray for Egypt

Pope Tawadros II on state TV 3 July 2013
Pope Tawadros II
Please pray for Egypt, the land in which Our Lord was hidden for much of his infancy, where the Hebrews were enslaved after having saved it from destruction in Genesis. Especially pray for Christians and those who support liberty.

This is from the BBC:
A senior bishop in Egypt's Coptic Church says Pope Tawadros II has had to cancel weekly public meetings due to fears of attacks on his congregation.
Bishop Angaelos, who heads the Church in the UK, says in one incident the flag of al-Qaeda was raised on church property while worshippers hid inside.
Now the bishop has revealed that the Church's leader, Pope Tawadros II, has cancelled some public events at St Mark's Cathedral in Cairo because of the worsening security situation. 
Recent incidents cited by Bishop Angaelos include an attack on a church which left the congregation cowering inside while the flag of al-Qaeda was raised on its premises.
He says homes and businesses have been razed to the ground and callers to TV shows have openly demanded the eradication of non-Muslims.
On Wednesday, 16 Egyptian human rights organisations denounced the government's failure to protect Copts...
We also need to pray that the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Coptic Catholic Church come into full communion with one another. This is the only way that the Coptic Church can possible survive.

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