Friday, August 16, 2013

Priests, Be Priests! Catholics, Act Like It!

This evening I worked my usual shift at the Little Caesars store owned by the Michalaks, who of course are the family from St. Martin's that runs the Four Pillars group, helped found Immaculata Classical Academy, support the Sisters of the Fiat, and a charity for Down Syndrome assistance, Angels in Disguise. (Just thought I'd plug everything!).

Well, around 8:30 a gentleman walked in for his pizza. And, I recognized him! He goes to Guardian Angels during the week for Low Mass, invariably holding a wee one.

Then, I saw a man in a dark suit with a beard coming in; I was in front of the security monitoring screen.

And, I turned around. Voila! There was a white spot on his collar! It was Father Leger. He went out, and so I darted out to say hello. Father might seem a little serious (as he should) during the Holy Mass, in the confessional, and performing other formal duties, but he is very animated around his flock. He seemed quite please to see one of his servers, who works for his parishioners (my supervisor and his wife). And as is his custom, as Father departed he said, "God bless you," while making the Sign of the Cross over us.

Honestly, it turned the evening around! The previous hour had been quite mopey.

The moral of the story is thus: Priests, wear clericals! That lets us the faithful know that we are in the presence of the alter Christus. Also, act as a priest at all times. Generously give your blessing, and make sure you make the Sign of the Cross! Don't necessarily give theologically-dense sermons in every sentence, but please, let us become more holy through being around you and watching and listening.

To the laity: say hello to your fellow Catholic! We need a better sense of community, and it starts with rebuilding the family. Go to Mass, and participate in parish life and school life. Then it needs to move to our neighborhoods and those around us.

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