Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quote from St. Francis de Sales

We must perform all of our actions diligently, but never in a spirit of agitation or with undue haste. - St. Francis de Sales
The first degree of humility as explained in the Rule of St. Benedict is obedience without delay. Delaying obedience is really disobedience, unless it's virtually impossible to drop one task and move to the other. Prudence isn't ignored...take an instruction at home. Unless you were supposed to do it earlier, or it's urgent, your folks probably tell you to finish what you started before moving on to the next task. (Don't necessarily beat yourself up on forgetfulness, unless it's because you deliberately half-listen. Science shows that we forget why we enter a room as soon as we enter. We associate the desired task with the impulse or command from the previous room.)

We must perfect our attitude towards our works. In some ways, they should be burdensome, especially if they are works of mercy and service. It beefs up our pride when we feel good about those works, because usually we feel good about ourselves.

Instead, we should cut our emotions out of the equation. We need to direct everything towards Our Lord, and uniting ourselves with Him on the Cross, which was the most perfect act of love.

On the other hand, I do like those works which I feel called to do. So, might those help me perfect the acts of charity that I'm less thrilled about.

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