Friday, August 2, 2013

the 8/1/2013 Vortex and My Reaction

This program is from ChurchMilitant.TV and is yesterday's episode of The Vortex.

I think it's a bit of an over-generalization. I can think of some families at St. Martin of Tours who do not like altar girls and prefer altar boys, who say a daily Rosary, and who wear the Brown Scapular. They are fervently pro-life, and against same-sex 'marriage,' etc. You can clearly see they are Catholic!

I simply think good liturgy was not on the radar screen two-and-a-half decades ago. The focus was on the pro-life movement, and liturgy was the same or (in my view) worse in virtually every parish. They simply don't know any better. For this I blame priests. Some knew better as they were ordained prior to the reforms; either they went along with it willingly or decided not to resist it for whatever reason. Others today know better, but stop at a certain point with singing the Mass, using Latin, and changing the liturgical orientation. Others...are just hostile to good liturgy, but they don't take openly pro-homosexual or pro-abortion positions, so faithful Catholics don't correct their problematic approach to the 'source and summit' of the Faith.

I have no doubt that a priest who carefully says the liturgy out of love for Our Lord and His Holy Church is against abortion at all stages. Abortion's wrongfulness only makes sense if we remember that we are in a fallen world, and that Our Lord came to redeem us, to break the bonds of sin and slavery. So, I'd rather have a priest that says the traditional Mass but doesn't specifically preach on pro-life issues in the news each and every time, but instead lays the spiritual foundations for thinking like a Catholic than one who preaches pro-life at a sloppily-said Mass.

As an aside, this reliance on being pro-life as a barometer meant we wound up with the Bushes. Twice. And, I think neo-conservative Catholics mean we get to this next group.

Others are quite happy with the liturgical reform, so long as it isn't too ridiculous. So liturgical dancing is out, but so is Gregorian chant. The only advice I can give is to re-read everything Fr. Zuhlsdorf has written, and watch the Pope emeritus say the Holy Mass in the last half of his papacy especially.

Hopefully, this will begin to change at St. Martin's, as children go to schools like Immaculata, with a joyful approach to the classical curriculum, including instruction in the Ward Method of Gregorian chant. Deo gratias, Fr. Leger will offer Holy Mass to the Lower School ad orientem in the Novus Ordo (as he always does, wearing a maniple!) and (even better) will offer the sacrifice for the Upper School in the Extraordinary Form.


  1. Where do you stand with regard to alter girls?

  2. Matt, I am confused with the video posted v. your comments. Do you have the right video posted? The one here doesn't seem to fit your comments.

    1. Of course it's the right video. :) He generalizes traditionaists differently than I would. I know EXACTLY which family(ies) I am thinking of at SMT's, and they are not so easily placed as Voris would like.