Monday, September 16, 2013


Please pray for all those injured in Washington, and all those killed, especially those souls of the faithful departed.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of the grandfather of a close friend.

Please pray for those who suffer in purgatory and on earth with no one to pray for them. Especially our priests. Everyone forgets to pray for priests, especially after they die. Priests need our prayers, so that they might grow in holiness and grow closer to Our Lord as they stand in for him in the Sacraments.

Please pray that God will have mercy on those in most need of it. So yourself and then everyone else, basically, as I've come to realize while praying the Fatima Prayer during the Rosary. It's not that one is a worse sinner than everyone else, necessarily, but we really have no idea how to pull that plank out of our eye.

And pray that we do not die an unprovided death, and that God in his mercy will allow us to be reconciled to the Church Militant. We should not be content in God's invisible graces being worked in a purely invisible way i.e. baptism of desire or something like that. The world is much too "me! me! me!" and presumptuous.

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