Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Catch-Up

Yes, I realize I've been away. My academic duties do come first...I love my work with my blog. But God gave me gifts, so I need to put them to use, I need to stimulate them. Also can't express myself well if I am not thinking critically; that allows me to put pieces of the puzzle together that I otherwise wouldn't see. Of course, I need to know what the Church teaches! I mean, that's a part of salvation anyways but it needs to be spread!

Also, as the Dominicans say, studying with the right attitude is a prayer. I like to study so that Our Lady can guide my studies and the use of them.

I've missed a lot. I've missed the feast of St. Francis which is a solemnity around these parts. I missed Our Lady of the Rosary...that might be a good one. I can be polemical, and it's easy to go nutty on a feast like that if you have an interest in history. (This I shall return to though, in different ways.)

I've missed the feast of two doctors (OK, St. Therese was on a date that I didn't post, but I ignored her on the third, her feast in the traditional calendar even as I posted.) as well as the shared feast of Blessed John Newman and St. Louis Bertrand.

On the other hand, I can trust that they were interceding for us as we prayed! I think it's a great idea to pray in class (anywhere but I am at school...) to the saint of the day, and when it's a Doctor, pray to all the Holy Doctors.

Let's pray that we can take the intellectual gifts of each of these saints, the evangelistic spirit of Louis Bertrand, and their abundant charity (particularly the Little Way of Therese) and seek first the Kingdom. Pray the Rosary y'all!

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