Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Love...

I found this gem on a blog I try to frequent, Ethelreda's Place. Honestly, one can see my growing pains in the development of my spiritual life in my encounters with Supertradmum online. But it's been totally worth it. I think she was one of the first people to really get me to realize that we must pick up our sins, which form our cross, so that we might be perfected and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Anyways, it's a fantastic little reflection on Love. It really goes along with what I have been thinking lately (sometimes, God just drops things into my lap).

In Divine Revelation, God reveals not just facts about Himself, not just His attributes (Mercy, Justice, etc.), or that He is Trinity. God reveals His very essence, that He is love. This is itself love. We must strive to know who others are as we let ourselves be known for who we are. This allows us to love others more fully as well as ourselves. Remember, we love our neighbors as ourselves for we are all called to communion with the life of the Holy Trinity in Heaven, meaning that we should all will that for one another.

We can never love enough, in the sense that we are finite creatures. Only God is infinite and capable of perfect and ever-abiding charity. We on the other hand selfishly turn our backs on each other. On the other hand, we are capable of conversion, something we are called to do continuously, and the path of the Cross, the path of charity draws us to perfection.

How can one hate a baby? The baby at first can only receive Love. The baby is utterly dependent on the parents. He or she cannot walk, talk, and eat independently. We must give entirely of ourselves to this child, so sweet and innocent. Yes, I am fully aware that the baby is completely capable of crying, pooping, and waking up at o-dark-thirty without any assistance, but the child has no other means of expression at that point. And besides, once the baby is asleep again, it's a pretty wonderful sight isn't it?

This is important, because Love is an exchange. It is giving and receiving. The reception is quite unmerited. We humans disobeyed God, Who had created us freely to begin with. But reception it is, and sometimes I find that receiving Love is more difficult that giving Love. We evolve from being completely receptive and dependent. Then we are able to give of ourselves, but only because we are completely and utterly dependent on God. We must make our Fiat every day, never losing sight of the fact we are always children in the eyes of Our Lord, where nothing good can happen without Him, where salvation cannot occur without His grace. As we grow older, we get to a point where we are old and slow, requiring assistance again just like a child.

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