Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Everyone Who Reads This Blog...

...may you have a merry, happy, and holy Christmas. Rejoice, for Christ the Savior has been born in Bethlehem, of the House of David. As we look back on this moment in history, God's Revelation of His Son as He visibly took on human flesh, look forward to the end of time, when Jesus Christ will return as the Judge and King of the Universe.

Oh, I wish I had Introduction to Christianity in front of me. There is an excellent passage wherein Ratzinger rebuts the idea that Christianity lifted the Divine Sonship of Christ Jesus from pagan religions. So I'll give you my (short and underwhelming and slightly modified for clarity) summary of the terms the "Son of God" and the "Son."

The Son and the Son of God are related terms, but they are not identical. The expression Son of God originates in the Old Testament, for it distinguishes the kings of Israel as those chosen by God as compared to the kings of surrounding nation who claimed to be begotten of God. The Chaldeans of the Babylonian exile narrative and their predecessors in Mesopotamia provide an example of these rulers. Over time, the promise of Psalm 2:7 ["I will tell of the decree of the Lord: He said to me, 'You are my son, today I have begotten you.,'" which is the Introit antiphon for the Mass of the Nativity at night] is emphasized and is applied to Jesus early in the Christian era. The “royal hope of Israel” was fulfilled on the Cross (the holy hill of verse 6 is perhaps Golgotha). Being the Son and as king means serving others. It fully demythologizes the kingship rites of Israel’s ancient neighbors, setting Christ apart from the rest entirely after gradually setting Israel's kings apart throughout the Old Testament. The Son signifies His relationship to God. We see that God is addressed as Abba in the prayers of Jesus, and this expresses their relationship, but it also aims to include all mankind so that each person can call God Father as well. In John’s Gospel, the title is not a source of power but it addresses “the relativity of His existence," as Ratzinger puts it, for He is only the Son by His relationship, that of being begotten, to the Father.

I think my favorite part of prayers in the Novus Ordo is when they reference our adoption as sons by God, Who has reconciled the world to Himself for the forgiveness of sins.
"Rejoice and be glad that so great and good a Lord, on coming into the Virgin's womb, willed to appear despised, needy, and poor in this world, so that men who were in dire poverty and suffering great need of heavenly food might be made rich in him." - St. Clare of Assisi
Not all of us are able to be outwardly joyful and glad throughout this season. So THIS article is appropriate. And please pray for you never know when you will reject someone or be rejected, and some people cover it up really well, until the moment they don't, because we're humans whose desires are only fulfilled in God. 

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