Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pope Francis on the March for Life

You may know by know that the Holy Father tweeted his prayerful support for the March for Life:
So what was that about paying less attention to the moral issues that plague the modern world, in this case abortion? No, the Holy Father implored us to go out into the streets and bear witness to the Gospel. In fact, our Holy Father himself decided to spontaneously meet the pilgrims gathered for Italy's first March for Life in Rome last April. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone could come to any other conclusion than the need to prayerfully witness to the Truth.

Remember that the Scriptures show us that God is the "creator of Heaven and Earth, all things visible and invisible," as confessed in the Nicene Creed, and the author of life. While it is not discernible that God is Trinity from His effects, namely creation, we have traditionally attributed parts of creation and of life to each of the three hypostases of the Trinity. God the Father shows His omnipotence and His love by graciously and freely creating the world, for which He has no need. God the Son through His earthly life, death, and Resurrection "purchased for us the rewards of eternal life," while God the Holy Spirit is the "Lord, the giver of Life" (creator of life is an even better translation).

Therefore to reject human life is to reject God and accept death. "The thief comes to seek, kill, and destroy. I have come to give life, and to give it more abundantly." (Jn 10:10). We cannot accept the way of the thief. Vade retro, Satana! Instead we must follow Our Lord with ever-increasing faith, hope, and love on the way of the Cross, which is the one Way, the one Truth, the one Life.

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