Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh Boy. Oh, Boy.

There is a satirical Catholic news site called Eye of the Tiber which pokes fun at issues in the contemporary church. Much, but certainly not all, of the satire is directed at churches that never seemed to leave the 1970s and the nonsense that was perpetuated during that decade. I don't understand why people think it's a good idea to keep things like this, whether it be the more folk-style Masses or the charismatic renewal, or what
Nota bene: I for one wish for little change to the 1962 Missal of S. Pius V revised by Blessed John XXIII, but only because humans are not masters of the liturgy, though customary adaptations in parts of its pious usage are welcome!

The trouble is they do such a good job at displaying what people really say and do, such as the "parish director" of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Menomonee Falls, WI, in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

 This video is an example of the self-referential church that has been so strongly lamented by the so-called "liberals" in the Catholic Church, starting I believe with Hans Küng, and continued by the good Pope Francis. Now, those on the "conservative" or "traditional" side of things can say with at least some confidence the self-referential church comes about when man becomes the center of things, either purposely or not, in an attempt to make the worship of Our Lord and Savior more relevant and meaningful to the modern condition. That's reason number 1 in my book for Summorum Pontificum.
UPDATE: Deacon Sandy marked the video as private, but Patrick Archbold of Creative Minority Report copied it, so here it is again.

By the way, I find it horrendous that bishops place churches under the care of people who are not priests and therefore cannot be pastors in the ecclesial and canonical meaning. Sometimes this is done in an attempt to subvert the proper role of the priest, to keep him from riling up a congregation or what have you. This was the case for decades, now thankfully at an end, in the Diocese of Rochester. I do understand that not all churches are parishes, whether they be geographic or personal, and this parish is evidently part of a cluster but this parish director needs to receive some catechesis from the diocese's chief catechist, that is to say from his archbishop, on his role in assisting the pastor because what he said was, "Look at me doing my job ordinarily belonging to a priest!" The deacon's ministry is that of service to the bishop, the church to which he is assigned, and to the poor.

By the way, this ministry to homosexual persons is unacceptable.

Let us pray for the Church, that the nonsense might be over soon.

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