Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update on Good Shepherd in Wisconsin

Patrick Archbold of Creative Minority Report has been talking, via Facebook, to the deacon in the video I posted a few days ago about the parish in Wisconsin.  Here is what Deacon Sandy said to Archbold:
Hi - Deacon Sandy here again. I wish to thank you Creative Minority for responding. I welcome the opportunity to dialogue. 
I think if we continue to we will learn that we have more in common than not. I reference for reflection Mt. 18: 15-17a “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church" I wish you had come directly to me first. 
It is specifically because of your feedback that our leadership team gathered yesterday and, after prayer, asking for God to guide us, we revisited our video and found several things that we admit should not have been included. 
For example, we did not explain that our Assisting Priests are key in this Parish Director model. We did not say it was unleavened bread that we use. We did not give the history of the kneelers. There was also a "tone" issue that I will deal with in my next confession - it is not appropriate for me to go any farther here. There are other aspects of it that we are still praying over and reflecting on. 
We continue to ask you to take down this video which we are admitting here should not have been posted. I think we both wish to be in closer relationship with God, to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and to achieve salvation for ourselves and our parishes. Pax. 
That explains why the parish took down the video, and as a result, Archbold removed it as well. You can read the rest of it, as well as his other exchange, over at CMR. I have 3 points:

  1. Their ministry to persons who are attracted to persons of the same sex uses all the code words of groups who dissent from the Magisterium on this issue. Perhaps we strident defenders of orthodoxy are too wired, but if it had been worded differently we wouldn't have pointed it out (it wasn't even in the video: we checked out the parish, via the Net, so the video succeeded in some ways...).
  2. Unleavened hosts are superior to the bread used at parishes like his. The bread leave crumbs everywhere and cannot be reserved for the sick or for Eucharistic Adoration. It also tends to be very sticky and it is difficult to dissolve on the tongue compared to a host. Now I have been to a celebration of the Divine Liturgy, where the loaves of leavened bread. Oh! The horror! No, just the Eastern way. They have come to use the spoon for Communion via intinction, so they don't touch the bread like a priest or deacon (or EMHC...) would handle a host, and the manner of holding the elements during the anaphora is also different so there is no danger of crumbs going everywhere.
  3. Who cares about the kneelers? That's not the point: the point is the bragging about kneeling, in clear defiance to the rubrics which have us kneeling at least for some portion of the prayer. By kneeling we are in a position to adore the Body and Blood of Christ now on the altar.
To be fair, it turns out he's not quite as off of things as other priests and deacons have been... Anyways, let's just continue to pray for him, and with and for the Church, perhaps through using the Roman Canon (priests?). 

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