Monday, March 17, 2014

Fr. Nicholson on the Chapel Veil

Fr. Paul Nicholson is a priest of London, Ontario given the office of Missionary Preacher Apostolic and is dedicated to giving parish missions across North America, especially through the use of the traditional form of the Roman Rite. That means his bishop explicitly endorses both his preaching for the New Evangelization and the traditional form of worship! As a brief aside, I believe the New Evangelization requires modern tools of presentation but the interior conversion is more easily brought about through the traditional praxis of liturgy, especially when done in the older form of the Mass. 1970s-1990s liturgy isn't going to cut it. I'm not sure why I'm just now starting to follow his efforts...he's great. NB: He uses the OF on weekdays, and apparently the EF on Sundays.

From Regina magazine
I'm not one to bang on about the chapel veil. It's optional, and it's a choice one makes on one's own. However, I was very moved by Father Nicholson's words, and I agree wholeheartedly. Veiling in church is something that should return, and it makes my heart so happy that several of my friends have begun to wear the veil, whether recently or in the last few years.

In some ways the good father is much more convincing here than any reference to traditional custom or St. Paul's exhortation in the Scriptures. Ladies! Stand as a sign of contradiction to the world. Men! Do so as well, and stand by them! Don't be the guy whose wife has to pray for forty years for your conversion...convert now and ask for the spirit of charity to enter your heart. 

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