Friday, May 9, 2014

The Real War on Women

Published online at The Week:

Please, please pray for the recovery of the kidnapped schoolgirls and for the end of the Nigerian conflict. Particularly pray for the safety of Christians and that they might be prepared for martyrdom. It's horrible. This also brings attention to the heinous reality of human trafficking. What Boko Haram says amounts to this:

Faith is without reason, so we must follow the dictates of law alone in our doomed approach to an ineffable God. Women especially have a lesser status, and we will do whatever we want in order for them to submit.

There is no room for man being created in God's image, with equal dignity in the sight of the Lord even as our responsibilities differ, and the opportunity to form loving communion as man and woman so that we might one day share in the communion of the Holy Trinity. Reason if used at all is not used in relation to belief in God.

I think it is time for Catholics to return to Pope Benedict's Regensburg Address. I also need to investigate Thomas Aquinas's commentaries that cite Averroës (favorably and negatively) and those against the Averroists. I think the error of using faith sans reason is something Thomas felt strongly against it.

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